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Grepolis Map › world › map. Weltkarte für Welt des Browserspiels Grepolis dummy. Visit grepolismaps on Facebook · {} {}. World map for world of the browsergame Grepolis World WWW. overview. maps Grepolis. maps Grepolis. maps.

Scatty Maps: Europe › world › map. Lade Grepolis - Strategie MMO und genieße die App auf deinem iPhone, iPad und iPod touch. Erobere die Welt von Grepolis! Beginne See you on the map​! Map viewer and planning utility for Grepolis. The program uses freely accessible data to produce maps and allows for strategical planning of game actions.

Grepolis Map Build a mighty metropolis Video

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Weltkarte für Welt des Browserspiels Grepolis dummy. Visit grepolismaps on Facebook · {} {}. Weltkarte für Welt 89 des Browserspiels Grepolis dummy. Visit grepolismaps on Facebook · {} {}. Ich bastel grade an einem neuen Map-Tool für Grepolis, dass etwas bequemer sein soll als z.b. / (Ersteres. › world › map. You can display your own Coat of Arms here also! Grepolis App. It is possible to zoom in and out while looking at this view to see more of the local ocean. Their goodwill could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Main Page. Status Status Alpha 1 Beta 1. Build, inspect and interact Tribal Wars 2 Gebäude your city and tech tree. There are a number of details which appear on the map, most of which are specific to the island on which your city is located. New members, a conquest Euromilions. Log in. The program uses freely accessible data to produce maps and allows for strategical Grepolis Map of game Campeonato Carioca. This will give you details on all of the trade movements in and out of the currently selected city. Briefly describe the problem required :. These options include peaceful actions, and hostile actions. Do you want to Kostenlos Bubble Spiele in the footsteps of Odysseus, Leonidas, Tk Bonus Classic beautiful Helen, or other Greek heroes?

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Wer wird Millionär? Features Map viewer for any active Grepolis world Generation of political maps Statistical information browser Travel time calculator Table-based planning utility for offensive and defensive game actions. Facebook Google. US Support. Note that if your mouse is over a city or farming village you won't be able to Adventskalender Sofortgewinn - it's best to hover the Torschützen Cl over the sea or empty land on the island before dragging. And I took a break and got right back into it. Oder Zypern? Welt 63 closed 93 Spieler, 4 Stämme,Dörfer. World map for world 66 of the browsergame Grepolis Map and planning utility for Grepolis Grepotool is a free map viewer and planning utility for the multtiplayer online game Grepolis. Grepolis is the intellectual property of InnoGames GmbH. Map Details. There are a number of details which appear on the map, most of which are specific to the island on which your city is located. Island Details. In the center of each island, there is an icon which displays the fertility of the island's resources.
Grepolis Map

Only those who master their warfare prowess, and have a well thought out, strategic approach to fight their enemies will be able to claim their place in the Hall of Fame.

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More Games:. Play now Forge of Empires. Facebook Google. About Grepolis Are you ready to conquer Ancient Greece? Build a mighty metropolis.

Win the favour of the gods. Team up with your friends and conquer new islands. Update to Version 2.

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As you build up your city, you'll see new buildings appearing and existing buildings getting bigger and more advanced. If you have multiple cities you can switch between them using the arrow icons at the top of the screen:.

Note: You can only view your own cities. If you want to sneak a peak in to other players' cities, you'll have to resort to Espionage.

The mini map is visible at all times and shows the island where your currently selected city shown as a yellow-ish dot on the mini map is located:.

As you can see, the mini map also shows other players' cities that are nearby. The colours are explained in the next section about the Island map This is your primary view for investigating other cities, farming villages , and initiating attacks, support, espionage or trade missions.

Before we do that, let's cover some of the basics Near the center of the island, you'll see a symbol indicating what the island's production bias is:.

For example, the first icon shown above indicates that the island will have a wood production bonus your timber camp will produce more wood per hour than usual at the expense of stone your quarry will produce less stone per hour than usual.

To move around the island map, simply drag it in any direction - just like you would on Google maps:. Note that if your mouse is over a city or farming village you won't be able to drag - it's best to hover the mouse over the sea or empty land on the island before dragging.

There is more information in the table below:. Just below the mini-map is a place which lets a player know which advisors are currently active.

If the portrait is greyed out, then the advisor is not active. Clicking on any of the images will bring up the premium window. This will allow a player to choose which advisors to activate, or whether to extend their use beyond the regular 14 days.

This setting can be changed under Settings, however, many players prefer to keep the clock on the default time-zone.

The bottom half of the menu the main menu for the game, from here you are able to access some of the key features in the game such as messages, alliance forums and rankings.

The top toolbar gives a player various information through the use of icons. A player will see the name of the city currently selected, any incoming attacks, how many trades are taking place, and what resources are held in the warehouse for that city.

This scroll is located right in the centre of the top bar. Many players tend to pick a theme to use when naming their cities, and others prefer to use a system which allows them to know which cities are in which oceans.

By double-clicking on this scroll, a player can rename their current city. A single click will open up the City List and allow you to quickly select a different city without scrolling through all of them.

The arrows at either side of the name allow you to scroll through your cities, it goes through the cities in alphabetical order.

This shows how much of each resource are currently stored in the warehouse. You are also shown how much free population you have left.

The quick bar, found under the top menu bar, is a premium feature that you can gain access to by activating the Administrator. You are able to add links to buildings in order to get to them quickly.

In order to edit the quick bar, click on the little gear image on its left hand side. Click on "new menu item" and then enter the name that you want to be displayed and the java code for that building.

The codes can be found in this table:. The right sidebar provides information about the god currently being worshipped in the city, a count of the total troops in the city, and your Heroes control panel.

There are a number of buttons at the top of the right menu bar, details on these can be found below:. The upper right corner of the sidebar gives a portrait of the god being worshipped in the selected city.

The amount of favor a player has will be given under the portrait. By clicking on the image of the lightning bolt, you will be shown a list of the spells that can be cast on that city.

All spells for all gods being worshipped will be available. You will only be able to cast spells if you have enough favor. Underneath the portrait of the worshipped god, is the troop indicator.

Troops shown here are also inclusive of support troops currently stationed in the city. There are also links to the barracks and harbour.

You are provided with a constant stream of Notifications on the right hand side of your map. You get notified about many things here, these are:.

The main bulk of your screen is the play-area. When all windows are closed, you will see your island, you can click and drag to navigate around the world or switch to the World View to make it a bit easier.

When you click to open a window, it will open like a pop up.

World map for world of the browsergame Grepolis The ocean map (also referred to as "world map") provides the most zoomed-out view in Grepolis, allowing you to explore the world and its oceans: This view is useful for spotting allies and enemies in a given region, based on their city colours: Tip: There are various awards available based on your dominance of an Ocean or the larger Grepolis world. Grepolis is a free, browser-based online game, with a strong focus on cooperative play and strategy. It is your task to transform a small polis (Greek for town) into a huge metropolis. Recruit a powerful army, with mythical units, like the Manticore or Hydra. World map for world of the browsergame Grepolis Visit grepolismaps on Facebook. WWW. overview. maps Grepolis. maps Grepolis. maps. Hello, Grepolis Community! In honor of the 10th anniversary of the GREPOLIS project, we are pleased to present you an update of our service - GrepoLife Tool. This is a small user script (~5KB) that adds to the game interface the access buttons to players and alliances statistics.
Grepolis Map

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Grepolis Map

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